​When most women think about creating and maintaining a healthy body, the focus almost always is on weight loss, not strength building or muscle health. Because of this, most women avoid strength training and focus only on aerobic or cardiovascular exercises. As a avid cyclist, I believe aerobic or cardiovascular exercise is an important part of your health and fitness plan, but strength training must also be included. When you don’t include strength training and just do aerobic exercise, which in many cases is done in excess, you are losing not only fat, but muscle tissue. Healthy muscle tissue is not only essential for maintaining a healthy weight, but also for maintaining overall health and an active, independent lifestyle as you age. This is especially important for women because women have less muscle tissue to begin with,  in addition, after the age of 30, if you are inactive you can lose 3-5% of your muscle mass each decade.

Every movement you make requires muscle strength. Your muscles keep you standing straight and tall. Muscle strength and endurance will help you keep up with your children, grandchildren and keep you living independently.  If you like to  travel,  strength will not only help you manage your luggage, but  will allow you to experience and explore  more places.

Unfortunately, there are still many myths, misinformation and fears that keep women from strength and weight training, it has been my mission throughout my career to eliminate this confusion by providing practical information, tools and resources that will not only educate, but will also empower and inspire women to live strong, healthy and active lives. 

Discovering your strength will change your life in many unexpected ways. I have seen how it has changed my life and I have seen the how it has changed the lives of the women I have worked with. Like anything new, taking that first step is often the hardest, so it helps to have a guide, a coach, and your biggest fan by your side.  Make this the year to discover your strength and become a woman strong for life!  Contact me  to learn more and/or to get started. 


         Empowering, Educating and Inspiring Fitness for Life