Choosing a Sports Bra
When weight training, wearing a sports bra will be beneficial allowing you the comfort, support and freedom of movement a regular bra will not.  What t do you look for when shopping for a sports bra?....... 
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​​Strength Training and Stretching
Strength training and stretching compliment each other and contribute to a healthy, fit and functioning body. Because it is important for muscles to be both strong and flexible, it is essential to include stretching in your fitness program. Many people work at jobs where they are sedentary and often hunched over a computer. This contributes to  ......... Read more


Barbells are the long bars that you add weights to. Think of the bench press exercise. Many women because of lack of experience and training find barbells, free weights and exercises such as the bench press intimidating. Many also fear that they will get injured or they are not strong enough to use free weights. Yet in my experience, after I show women how to lift correctly and safely..... 
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Dumbbells, also called hand weights are some of the most basic and versatile pieces of exercise equipment available for strength training.  I personally have been using dumbbells for strength training since I was in high school and have been teaching other women to use them for over 25 years. So, what makes dumbbells perfect for women and strength training?......  
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Balancing Strength Training with Aerobic/Cardiovascular Exercise
Aerobic or Cardiovascular Exercise: Are You Doing Too Much? ...... 
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Exercise Bands/Resistance Bands
Exercise or resistance bands are rubber tubes or flat bands used for strength or resistance training. Many women find exercise bands......
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​Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs ​
Prior to your strength training workout you should do a warm-up. A warm-up consists of doing 5 – 10 minutes of light aerobic exercise such as walking, biking, jogging, jumping rope, using the elliptical machine, etc. If you are not doing a warm-up on a machine.........
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Exercise Balls
Exercise balls, also referred to, as stability balls or Swiss balls are large inflatable rubber balls that can be used to perform a variety of exercises, including many dumbbell exercises.  If you are going to be working out at home it is a very useful piece of equipment, especially ...... 
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Strength Training FAQ
How Often Should I Lift Weights? Generally, for best results, you should lift weights two to three times a week, making sure you have ....... 
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