What are they?
Exercise or resistance bands are rubber tubes or flat bands used for strength or resistance training. Many women find exercise bands easy to work with and a nice addition of their home gym.

Types of Exercise Bands/Resistance Bands:

  • Resistance Tubes.

These are long rubber tubes with attached handles. Resistance tubes come in colors and  in different tensions (thicknesses) or resistances. This type of exercise band is the most versatile and most common for strength training exercises.

  • Resistance Bands.

These are made of flat rubber and are much longer and wider than the resistance tubes. They do not have attached handles, however, you can get handles and attach them to the bands. Resistance bands can then be attached to dumbbells, barbells and/or door handles for additional strength training exercises and resistance.

  • Exercise Loops and Figure Eights.

As their name implies, these are rubber tubes that are in the shape of circles or figure eights. These are designed for more specific exercises; however, many of these exercises can be done with exercise tubes and/or bands. This type is the least versatile of the three.

Advantages of Exercise Bands

  • Inexpensive.

Exercise bands are one of the most cost effective tools women can use for strength training.

  • Easy Storage.

Because exercise bands are small and light, they don’t take up any space, so they are perfect if you want to workout at home and have limited space. They will easily fit in a drawer or hang in a closet.

  • Portable.

Lightweight and flexible, this makes exercise bands easy to travel with. You can pack them in an overnight bag or in your car because the take less space and weigh less than a pair of shoes, you could even stuff them in your shoes, depending upon the shoe.

  • Durable.

Because they are made of rubber, they will last for a very long time.

  • Safe.

When using them with proper form, resistance bands are safe and you don’t have to worry about dropping them on your foot.

  • Versatile.

You can perform a variety of strength training exercises, with exercise bands.

  • Ability to Simulate Sports Movements.

Because exercise bands are designed to perform swinging and rotation movements they will help you improve sports that use these motions, such as golf and tennis.

Disadvantages of Exercise Bands

  • No Industry Standard in Amount of Resistance.

There are no set standards of resistance or tension from individual exercise band manufacturers.

  • No Way to Measure How Much Weight You Are Lifting.

Unlike, dumbbells or free weights, where you know exactly how much you are lifting and are able to record your progress as you advance. The only way you can tell if you are getting stronger is by using a thicker resistance band.

  • Strength Limitations.

If you are already very strong or a trained athlete, some strength training exercises performed with exercise bands may not be enough of a challenge for you to improve your strength.

Overall, for women who enjoy the convenience of a strength training workout at home, resistance bands are an inexpensive part your home gym and because of their versatility, light weight and ease of use, you can travel with them and never miss a strength training workout!  To learn more about using exercise bands
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