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When weight training, wearing a sports bra will be beneficial allowing you the comfort, support and freedom of movement a regular bra will not.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Sports Bra


You will want to make sure your sports bra is the proper size for you.  Overall, a sports bra will fit more snug than a regular bra. 


The band should offer support without restricting your breathing or movement, as this defeats the purpose of a sports bra, if this is occurring, go for a larger size.


The straps should be comfortable upon your shoulders and should not cut into your back or shoulders.  If your sports bra has adjustable straps try adjusting the straps to see if this resolves the issue. Many straps offer extra padding to add comfort.


The cups should hold and support your breasts. If your breast tissue is being revealed, this indicates you need a larger cup size. If the cups are showing signs of wrinkles, then you need a smaller size cup size. 


The amount of support varies in sports bras, depending upon the type of sports bra. Chose the amount of support based upon your activity and your body type. For example, weight training is a low impact activity compared to running. So when you are lifting weights, a less supportive sports bra will be fine. Smaller women in general need less support and may find the one piece, over-the-head compression type sports bra perfect. If you are a larger woman, you generally need more support, and may find getting in and out of a one piece compression bra challenging, so an encapsulated sports bra that supports each breast individually, has fasteners either in the front or back and padded adjustable straps, will offer better support and comfort and will be easier to get in and out of.


The material used should be of a moisture wicking material, which allows moisture to evaporate quickly, keeping your body dry and reducing chills after you have finished your activity. This material also helps you avoid chaffing.

​Caring for  your Sports Bra

  • Hand wash your sports bra after each use in a mild detergent.
  • Hang dry or dry flat. Do not use a dryer as it breaks down the fabric’s special wicking materials.​  Generally, a sports bras will last about 1 year depending upon how often you wear it, and how well you take care of it.  If you notice it isn’t offering the support and performance it used to, it is time to replace it.

A sports bra is a good investment that will enhance your weight training workout by offering freedom of movement, support and comfort. Consider your activity(ies) and your body type when you make your purchase, as you may need more than one style.