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How Often Should I Lift Weights?
Generally, for best results, you should lift weights two to three times a week, making sure you have a day of rest in between each workout. 

How Much Weight Should I Be Lifting For Each Exercise?

This varies with each individual and each exercise, such as if you are a beginner or an advanced weightlifter, what your  fitness level is and if you have previous injuries or medical conditions. Generally, you will want to use a weight for each exercise that will challenge you, but will not cause you to strain and/or lose your form.  A general guideline you can go by, if you can’t do at least eight repetitions, the weight you are using for that exercise is too heavy, if you can easily do more than twelve repetitions, it is probably too light. 

How Many Sets and Reps Should I Do For Each Exercise?
For beginners I recommend, two to three sets of ten to twelve repetitions of each exercise.

How Long Will It Take Before I See Results?
This will vary with each woman. The more consistent you are with your workouts, the faster you will see results.

What Works Better Free Weights Or Machines?
Free weights, in my opinion will work your muscles and joints better. Free weights are inexpensive; you can use them at home or in the gym. If you have access to machines they will give you additional ways to work each muscle group. Both are going to give you great results if used consistently with proper form.

Will I Get Better Results Lifting Weights at a Gym or at Home?
The place where you will workout most consistently will be the best place for you to workout. Some women prefer working out at a gym because they like to be around other people and like to have access to a variety of equipment. Other women don’t like to go to a gym, don’t have the time to drive to the gym, nor can they afford a gym membership, so working out in the home works best.

Will Lifting Weights Make Me Bulk Up?
NO. Women DO NOT have the hormones to make them bulk up.