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Have you been thinking about beginning a strength or weight training program, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you are new to a gym and don’t know how to use the equipment? Or maybe you want to learn how to use dumbbells?

You have come to the right place!  I can answer those questions and get you started with a personalized weight or strength training program.  Your personalized program will be safe and effective and will include the following:

Proper Exercise Form
Form is the most important factor in weight training success and safety. I will demonstrate each of the exercises, using the proper form and speed, then have you perform each exercise and provide you with immediate feedback.

What is the Best Equipment to Use?
You will learn how to use the exercise equipment properly and safely for your specific weight training program. The equipment will consist of dumbbells, weight machines, exercise balls, resistance bands, etc. and is based on where you will be working out and what equipment you have available. If you need equipment suggestions, I will advise you.


How Much Weight Should You Use?
You will learn the appropriate amount of weight to lift for each exercise, how and when to safely increase the amount you are lifting, along with the correct number of sets and reps for continued progress.

How Often Should You Lift Weights?
You will learn how often you should weight train for best results and how to avoid over-training and injuries.

Basic Anatomy
You will learn the muscles you are working with each exercise. This allows you isolate your muscles to improve muscle awareness, mind/body connection and will help you to  "tune into your body" rather than just going through the motions of lifting weights.

To learn more about building a strong and healthy body and how you can receive a personalized weight training program,  contact Kari  today!